I was born and raised in Baltimore Md. and I have resided in the Laurel area for the last 20 years. At an early age I learned I could draw and was greatly influenced by the legendary comic book artist, Jack Kirby. I loved his double page spreads, which you can see in numerous of my fantasy paintings. When I discovered the grandfather of Fantasy art, Frank Frazetta, I had to learn to paint. I studied for 6 months in group sessions under a very talented female artist who taught me the basics of how to paint in oils. I have honed my craft over the years and blessed with an incredible imagination, I have been able to reveal this thru my artwork and writing. I have painted CD and book covers and was runner-up 2 years in a row in the SYFY book cover contest. I was chosen by DESTIG Magazine as one of the top artists of 2018. Along with the fantasy art, last year I decided to start painting landscapes, seascapes and wildlife which enabled me to display my unique color application. Recently I have explored new boundaries in painting, and putting no limits on myself or my abilities, I am proud to proclaim myself as a true artist! I have several successful exhibits, “Olive on Main,” “Ledo Pizza Laurel,” “More than Java Cafe,” “Hospice Center in Pasadena,” “Ranazul Restaurant” and “The Chesapeake Art Center.” I have also written and published an young/adult children’s book about one of my favorite characters, “Far-up-Fred,” Visit my website; jgadreau.artspan.com to view many paintings and both my magazine and video interviews.

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