Dark Resurection

A river of fire boiling over with molten lava runs beneath Dead Fire Mountain. The fire goddess, Krisptin, floats above the river. When she reaches the heart of the inferno, Krisptin begins chanting, all of her chosen seven have gathered.
“Dark Ember, slayer of dragons, the sword of the ancients, sword of fire, I summon thee. That which was thought lost during the Battle of Evermore, I bid thee appear. In the name of all that is evil, in the name of my father, Lord Drak, I command thee. Arise! Arise! Arise!”
The flames dance higher, the ground trembles in defiance and the dragons roar with both excitement and fear. Fire erupts as Dark Ember emerges from beneath the pool of lava shimmering with a dark crimson light. An evil delight blazes in the fire goddess’ eyes, she grasps the legendary blade, fire dances down her arm. Her dragons bow before the dread sword.